Hi, my name is Andre Power and I would like you to join my campaign to restore the right for all of us to be tried in any civil or criminal court by a jury, rather than a single judge or magistrates, if we so request.

In the past decade I have been involved, through no fault of my own, in the most unreal set of circumstances engendered by various local and government agencies negligence, on a scale you would find hard to believe. So unreal have these scenarios been that I have been prompted to write a book about such, which is now available online, called "The Jury's Out".

You can download FREE the first chapter of my book by clicking on this link –

If you thereafter wish to purchase the EBook, 15% of the sale price pro-rota will go to AVAAZ.org, Change.org and 38degrees.org.uk to help with their future funding.

It's a scathing indictment of our "public" services from police to home office and everyone in between and also a forensic critique of the "justice" system, literally from the inside out. Finally, it illustrates how the erosion of our rights to a jury is the single greatest obstruction to a true democracy. Using my own personal experiences over a decade it proposes alternative solutions that we should all be considering if we wish embrace freedom and leave a worthy legacy for our children.

Over the past decade I have been involved in some major cases, some of which have received publicity, notably, "A Power v The Ministry of Justice" at The Royal Courts of Justice. In all the cases, going back over a decade, which were Civil and Family, I have yet to see a jury. I'm utterly convinced that not one single ruling would have gone against me if a jury of twelve men and women, good and true, had been in place.

Without juries we are at the mercy of judges and magistrates that often have personal agendas, government loyalties, personal prejudices or simply bad moods, that should preclude them from sitting in sole judgement of us, be it a family hearing over child custody, a civil hearing regarding negligence of government agencies or indeed a criminal trial.

A judge is purely meant to act as an arbiter between the defence and prosecution, with a jury in place to decide on which side is culpable. Too often though, the jury is missing and we are bound by the foibles of a single person rather than the combined minds and decision making processes of twelve.

Without the checks and balances of a jury, the power of the state over us is increasing to a stage where all our so called "rights" are simply words with no substance. That scares me more than any other perceived problem in the world today, as we appear to be sleepwalking toward a police state that concedes no question, no debate, no dissent and no challenge to its actions. Only the immediate return of jury led trials will enable "we the people" to decide what is right and proper, what is fair and equitable and what is acceptable and what is not, in both private and public domain.

Therefore, I would be most grateful, if for all our sakes, you would add your name to this petition at AVAAZ.org, Change.org and 38degrees.org.uk, so that we generate a huge amount of signatures to let our ruling elite know that we require our fundamental and inherent rights to a jury returned to us, forthwith.

Thank you for your kind support and if you wish to know more, please download for FREE the first chapter of my book which will reveal to you how we are ALL just one magistrate or judge's decision away from losing our health, our wealth, our family, our home or being sent to prison. And that surely cannot be the future for a democracy in the 21st century, can it?